Rhonda James

ronda jamesRhonda James is a corporate professional who has worked in the medical device industry for almost 15 years. She has worked with different types of devices ranging from radioactive to diagnostic.  In her spare time, Rhonda enjoys sporting activities as a spectator and an avid, competitive participant.  She loves kayaking, hiking, golf, table tennis, and pool.  It is not uncommon to find her completely absorbed in less intense activities such as reading, planting, and writing but always varying day to day. Her latest and newfound adventures have taken her into the realms of professional photography, painting (acrylic and watercolor) and participating in service oriented traveling projects.  Rhonda has be able to indulge in many of life’s greatest opportunities and life has also thrown her many interesting challenges!   She has managed to overcome child molestation, teen pregnancy, abandonment and isolation, economic and residential transiency, and physical rehabilitation. Currently, her son, an only child, is suffering from schizoaffective manic depression which in itself has been an extreme challenge of love, acceptance, faith, and perseverance! But no matter what she is doing or has going on, Rhonda loves stimulating conversations about politics, current events, relationships, religion, personal growth, different philosophies, opinions and viewpoints or any opposing thought that can be exchanged with mutual respect.  Rhonda remains strong and balanced and she wishes to share those life lessons, victories, and thoughts with you and for you in hopes of a better us . . . as BLACK WOMEN TALK.



Renée Moore

meandmbikeRenée is co-host of Black Women Talk, a bike advocate and founder of Bicycling and the City, a company that takes people on trips via bicycle to explore cities on two wheels.

Renée loves to travel has visited 44 states and several counties. Some of the states she even liked. 🙂 She loves to cook and makes most everything from scratch including bread, pasta and now ice cream.

She enjoys reading, kayaking, biking, stand-up paddleboarding, and discussing all of the taboo topics- religion, sex, race and politics!

Her guilty pleasures are Dove ice cream bars, plain M&Ms, The Golden Girls, African and Armenian music, and Netflix documentaries and foreign films. Renée has one daughter, lives in DC and is the best -fiancé- ever to Jeff. : )